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Roger Taylor, MD


Dr. Taylor has held senior leadership roles in nearly every sector of the healthcare industry, including healthcare delivery, management, system support, financing, research, and policy. He has helped manage multiple successful corporate startups and significant organizational transitions.

He currently serves as an Advisory Partner for Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, where he assists in reviewing  and making recommendations regarding venture capital funding of healthcare and health-related technology companies. He also serves as an Advisor for Vesto LLC, a start-up blockchain-based digital asset transaction company, and has assisted multiple other technology companies pursuing growth opportunities in healthcare.

Past Positions


Executive positions in insurance and managed care have included Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, PacifiCare Health Systems; a company with over $4 billion in premiums and 2 million HMO members in six states at the time, including a quarter million seniors.  In this role, Dr. Taylor also managed 8 subsidiary companies delivering specialized health and wellness services, general insurance and medical management, including a Pharmacy Benefit Management Company, Prescription Solutions.  Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President, EQUICOR, a large group insurer managing $5.3 billion in premiums and a full range of managed care and traditional indemnity products.  Dr. Taylor also served as President, Corporate Health Care Management, a nationwide utilization review company; Senior Vice President and co-founder, United Medical Plans, a small multi-state HMO; and as Regional Medical Director, CIGNA Health Plans of California, a predominately staff-model HMO at the time. 

Positions in research, standards setting and review include serving as Senior Strategist and Adjunct Staff at RAND, where his research focused on health information technology (HIT), health policy, care management, health insurance coverage issues and technology assessment.  He was the co-founder and first President of URAC, a national standard setting and accreditation organization, and served as Senior Advisor, Center for Studying Health System Change.

He served on the board of Arcadian Health; a Medicare Advantage plan operating in 15 states at the time it was acquired by Humana.  He served on the board of the Health Care Technology Institute, established by US health care manufacturers to address health policy and changing technologies. He has also served on the board of local community service oriented non-profits in Orange Co. and Marin Co., CA.  He has consulted and published on improving healthcare delivery systems, technology assessment, and HIT, and on the policy changes needed to realize the potential value of HIT. He has worked with pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturers to improve health insurance coverage decision-making processes on new technology.  


Purchaser and consumer roles included National Leader, Health Care, for the Wyatt Co. (now part of Willis Towers Watson), an employee benefits consulting company, where he helped Fortune 500 clients and government agencies make health and wellness benefit decisions and model the effects of proposed changes in national health policy.


Regulator roles included being the first Director, California Emergency Medical Services Authority, with regulatory authority over EMS personnel and systems.  He served as Commissioner, California Health Facilities Commission, and later as a Commissioner on the Physician Payment Review Commission (PPRC), advising the US Congress on Medicare payment policy and monitoring the effects of federal policy on beneficiaries, providers and services.  He has consulted on proposed healthcare reforms both domestically and internationally.


As a clinician, Dr. Taylor was Director of two emergency departments (EDs) and a founding partner and board member of California Emergency Physicians (now Vituity), which operated 42 EDs in CA when he left.  At CIGNA, he managed clinical operations at 7 multi-specialty clinics and 5 mental health centers in the Los Angeles, CA area.  




Dr. Taylor's MD and MPA are from the University of Southern California, and he was board certified in Emergency Medicine. 

Prior to medical school, he was trained as, and served as, a Systems Analyst for UNIVAC; and he has used this computer systems background to help improve effectiveness and efficiency in all subsequent roles. 




Address: San Francisco, CA

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